Jolt [noun]

Definition of Jolt:

surprise; sudden push

Synonyms of Jolt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jolt:

Sentence/Example of Jolt:

Despite a year of tumult and a jolt to its ad revenues, Google is as important as ever.

Investors had seen the deal as a huge win for Nikola, by giving it a massive jolt of credibility.

CASP got the jolt it was looking for when DeepMind entered the competition in 2018 with its first version of AlphaFold.

The jolt is due in part, no doubt, to traders fleeing BitMEX, which has long specialized in such derivatives markets.

Democrats, meanwhile, point to evidence of a jolt of energy on their side.

The first jolt had like to have shaken me out of my hammock, but afterwards the motion was easy enough.

This affords the maximum of riding comfort by the elimination of all jar and jolt occasioned by an uneven roadway.

So the next day after the funeral, along about noon-time, the girls' joy got the first jolt.

Dissertations on literature, science, and philosophy came as an unexpected jolt.

A jolt, and you are descending, grip in hand, upon the platform.