Comedown [noun]

Definition of Comedown:

letdown, blow

Synonyms of Comedown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comedown:

Sentence/Example of Comedown:

I mean to land up in Minsk, working in a grubby little factory is quite a comedown.

I got the impression he was a bitter man because, I imagine when he defected to Russia, it was comedown.

Poor Peggy—it was rather a comedown after her fairy visions.

"So long as nobody in society hears of this sudden comedown, we shall pull through," he said.

And at Anagni he may certainly rest for the night, though his quarters may be a comedown not only from Rome but from Velletri.

There was a comedown now of feathered hats, and point collars, and curled hair; and leathern jerkin should have its day.

They say it is fine and homelike there, but it will surely be some comedown after Rue Brea.