Creation [noun]

Definition of Creation:

development of entity

Synonyms of Creation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creation:

Sentence/Example of Creation:

It was the “first creation of life in a test tube,” according to the newspaper headlines, and a possible bioterror threat, too.

I think it will be better for privacy, but what that means for content creation or algorithms or our clout, I don’t know.

Under the new guidelines, these reader apps will also offer account creation within iOS, as long as it’s for the free tier of the product.

During that time, he oversaw the creation and initial development of the agency's large Space Launch System rocket.

Then, we went to the vineyard to begin the proper creation of our wine.

Post a trip to Accra, Ghana, she would experience an artistic awakening that would lead to the creation of her pieces.

Mostly because it’s fun, but also to explore how AI can make creation more accessible.

A key proposal is the creation of a commonly agreed list of which areas in the EU present a risk.

In addition to the link to return to text ads shown in the screenshot above, Google shared another view that also includes a link to get back to text ad creation.

GoFundMe’s concerns in turn led Kolfage to turn to Bannon for help, and the creation of a scheme to reallocate the money to a series of non-profits and shell companies.