Constitution [noun]

Definition of Constitution:

physical make-up and health

Synonyms of Constitution:

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Sentence/Example of Constitution:

You know, they’re going to have to write a new constitution, probably.

Roe rested on a 1965 ruling, Griswold v Connecticut, which established a “right to privacy” in the constitution, an area of personal decision-making into which the state could not intrude except without very good reason.

Xi has hardwired his personal “Xi Jinping Thought” ideology into his constitution and the nation’s cybersecurity rules.

The constitution does quite clearly bar him from serving a third term, but, hey, it’s worth a shot with a friendly Supreme Court.

Without its special status, Jammu & Kashmir no longer had its own constitution and ceased to have autonomy over its own affairs.

Election of representatives from New York to consider the federal constitution held.

“Lecompton” constitution of Kansas was a pro-slavery document which Buchanan favoured.

In fact it was a battle between the dire disease and that powerful constitution for which the Brown family is celebrated.

He assisted in framing the federal constitution, and made himself useful to his country in various ways.

South Carolina adopted the federal constitution, recommending amendments, being the 8th state in succession; votes 149 to 73.