Composition [noun]

Definition of Composition:

structure, arrangement

Synonyms of Composition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Composition:

Sentence/Example of Composition:

I share McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski’s belief that the company’s franchisee ranks should more closely reflect the diverse composition of America and the world.

Different wine growing regions had distinct microbial communities in both the soil and the must, which appeared to influence the unique compositions of metabolites in the finished wine.

Physicist Inho Hong from the Center for Humans & Machines at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany looked at the industry composition of 350 US metro areas between 1998 and 2013.

Treatments that modulate the composition and functionality of the gut microbiome should be explored, according to Ng.

We’ve changed the composition of the team, taken down the number of traditional sales roles by 25% but added more programmatic specialists, content creation specialists.

Studying its composition could help planetary scientists learn what the first planets were made of.

Based on a comparison of sections of nuclear DNA that contained gene pairs with either matching or differing molecular compositions, the investigators calculated the approximate size of past breeding populations.

Earth’s unexpectedly warm early climate is probably explained by some combination of less land erosion, clearer skies, a shorter day and a peculiar atmospheric composition before Earth had an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

That’s the idea that objects of different masses or compositions — or in this case, different types of atoms — will fall due to gravity at the same rate.

You can consider composition an act of multiplication, as mathematicians do.