Rhythm [noun]

Definition of Rhythm:

beat, accent of sound, music

Synonyms of Rhythm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhythm:


Sentence/Example of Rhythm:

Johnnie watched her walking away, for the rhythm of her motion attracted him.

She was a little surprised at this noise of bravos in rhythm.

A poor, sad puppet dancing to a tune I know not the rhythm of.

His voice rose; he was falling into the rhythm of a scene with Jacky.

Music too is concerned with the principles of love in their application to harmony and rhythm.

Now every melody is right when it has suitable harmony and rhythm, and wrong when unsuitable.

And that Apollo and the Muses and Dionysus gave us harmony and rhythm?

The consequence is, that the meaning of the rhythm and of the time are not understood.

They fight in front of his team, and all in rhythm to the sound of the pipe.

Look at the perfect balance of its form, and the rhythm and force of its action.