Meter [noun]

Definition of Meter:

rhythm, beat

Synonyms of Meter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meter:


Sentence/Example of Meter:

It even included a meter to determine the current actually consumed.

It was all a new experience to him, and his meter was registering the time.

Not more than half a meter from the pavement, it checked its fall and settled.

His greatest work, "Harmony and Meter," was published in 1853.

The meter only registered eightpence, but she gave me half-a-crown.

He turned off the gas at the meter underneath the stairs as Benson had requested.

Benson, after turning on the gas at the meter, returned to find the room in darkness.

Look at that meter—and I've had to throw in number ten shunt!

When he reduces this to a system he has established the meter of his production.

There is no ruggedness in the meter, no violence in the stream of images.