Triumph [noun]

Definition of Triumph:

extreme happiness

Synonyms of Triumph:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triumph:

Sentence/Example of Triumph:

Who foremost now to climb the leaguered wall, The first to triumph, or the first to fall?

In the hour of triumph the government was doomed to receive a stunning blow.

Her brother's and sister's triumph upon the difficulties into which they have plunged her.

Would she come laughing, with all the triumph of the dance bright in her face?

There was a frightful grin of triumph twisting his mouth in this minute of punishment.

My heart almost stopped beating, gripped by triumph and horror.

I thought only of hurrying to Prof. Darmstetter that he might share my triumph.

Still, as the case stood, his triumph was not the less brilliant or decisive.

His technique was faulty, his colors daring, perhaps—but his triumph was for that the greater.

There were suggestions of triumph, relief, gratitude in the indefinable tone of these words.