Forfeit [noun]

Definition of Forfeit:

something given as sacrifice

Synonyms of Forfeit:

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Sentence/Example of Forfeit:

He was sentenced to two years’ probation and ordered to repay the city more than $24,000, forfeit more than $18,000 and pay a $10,000 fine.

The statute of that year provided that every offender should forfeit the sum of twelve pence.

And when they told him no, he was most likely to give a nod to Herbert, which meant that the captives' heads were forfeit.

They surround their plunderers, attack them without fear, and frequently make their lives pay the forfeit of their rashness.

By what forfeit has he merited becoming the eternal object of the anger of that God who created him?

But if he guessed wrong, he was to forfeit his life, and the magician would have his beautiful blue eyes.

There need now be but the conference in Chicago, the posting of the forfeit money, and the deal was made.

The agreement was verbal, and D'Erlanger was to forfeit 140,000 if the stock was not placed at the end of six months.

I think there are many who would forfeit longevity rather than partake of it.

These are his own, and these he may deserve to forfeit by his personal offences.