Reward [noun]

Definition of Reward:

payment, prize

Synonyms of Reward:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reward:

Sentence/Example of Reward:

I asked him what reward the Helots had for bravery or virtue.

On the fourth and fifth days, however, he had the reward for his caution.

And the great size of the reward was the very thing that kept him safe.

Because they won't figure that any man would toss up that reward.

It asserts that we have the right to choice of our own work and to the reward of our own toil.

This, by silent consent, was to be the reward of the trapper.

God will bless them, not because they have earned a reward, but because He is merciful and gracious.

Her life, claimed by the open air, had its reward—the saddle is no cradle for weaklings.

The confidence of the public in his honesty was as great a reward as the stakes.

Perhaps some day I may get a reward out of all proportion to this small service.