Perks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Perks:

Well, is it perks if I buy a picture from you for ten bob which I know to be worth £1,000?

"I'm not sure that that's not perks," said little Pye with his quizzical glance.

And when they raves agin our perks, they only longs to collar 'em.

Perks was not so big as Benny, though he was two or three years older.

"If you don't take yourself off, Perks, you'll wish you had," said Benny.

Perks's case was not tried that day, so once more Benny had him for a companion.

So Perks and Benny drifted apart, and Benny wondered if they would ever meet again.

He knew that there was a great deal of truth in what Perks had said to him.

Host (to Perks, an indifferent horseman, who has come down for the hunting).

"I thought we came up here to talk about Perks's birthday," said Phyllis.