Merit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Merit:

Does he believe, that the disgrace which I supper on his account, will give him a merit with me?

But give up an inclination, and there is some merit in that.

But the recognition of his merit came sooner than could have been expected.

I vindicated the good Mrs. Norton with a warmth that was due to her merit.

What merit was there in being what it would be contemptible not to be?

This aphorism seemed to merit a new cigar on Crane's part, so he lighted one.

Oh, Mr. Hervey, you do not—you cannot know her merit, as I do.

Well might the merit of your passion be doubted, you say, if, like Mr. Solmes—fiddle-faddle!

She insisted upon the merit of obedience, although my will were not in it.

Hence it is, that settlements are to make up for acknowledged want of merit!