Plum [noun]

Definition of Plum:

reward, prize

Synonyms of Plum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plum:

Sentence/Example of Plum:

Hence the apple, pear, and plum are often grafted on the white thorn.

Turkey was twenty-three cents a pound, but she had one, and plum puddin', too.

This ground he cultivates and has a few apple, plum and peach trees in his yard.

But still,—still it is so poor a thing to miss your plum because you do not dare to shake the tree!

I'm plum 'shamed of the way our gals is actin' with the boarders.

The plum tree in flower is a harmonious combination of the two principles.

And I lunched with Cardinal Manning, and he gave me such a plum pie.

We only had strawberry and raspberry and plum and grape and apple butter in Mifflin.

But down at Plum Beach you can have either still water or surf.

In an instant Um's face was among the dew-wet leaves of the plum tree.