Crown [noun]

Definition of Crown:

top; best

Synonyms of Crown:

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Sentence/Example of Crown:

From her research, she recalled women often wore cowries in their hair and decided she needed a crown upon her head.

With almost no releases on third-party platforms and an aggressive approach to shutting down what it views as IP offenses, Nintendo exercises an iron grip over its content, especially its crown jewels, Mario and Zelda.

The crown he wears in those scenes was especially made for the series, while the robe in particular posed something of an ethical challenge.

The family returned to Nigeria when David, the firstborn — whose middle name, Oyetokunbo, means “the crown has come home from a foreign land” — was only 6.

Sky watchers have spotted a new jewel in the crown of northern lights.

As an M.P. you are duly qualified to accept any appointment under the Crown when the Government ask you.

While still very young his head was shaved, except a little round spot on the very crown.

The King arrived in Naples bent on maintaining his crown and on allowing no interference from the Emperor.

Its culture in these kingdoms as well as by their colonies brought to the crown enormous revenues.

It may be added that they start with the most dignified part of this crown of creation, viz., the human head.