Deflation [noun]

Definition of Deflation:

reversal of action; reduction of business activity

Synonyms of Deflation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deflation:

Sentence/Example of Deflation:

The pad also comes with new valves that allow for quick inflation and deflation, in case you’re in a rush.

Look at the wild swings back and forth between inflation and deflation back in the day.

Many come with built-in motors for quick inflation and deflation.

Much of the eurozone, in fact, went into the deflation zone last month.

Japan’s economy didn’t skyrocket under his leadership, but overall it grew modestly after two preceding decades of deflation.

In his second term, Abe helped Japan’s economy, the world’s third-largest, claw its way out of a cycle of deflation.

The other one says the virus is exacerbating the conditions of the past dozen years or so—when deflation, rather than overheating, has been the big threat.

Three pairs of lungs sighed audibly in process of deflation.

There was a concerted stiffening of bodies, a general sigh from lungs in process of deflation.

The Presidents plans for regulated deflation came to naught.