Downturn [noun]

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Perhaps owing to large unemployment figures and a massive economic downturn, the decisions customers have been making are trending toward the more frugal end of the spectrum.

Overcoming those issues is hard at the best of times, not least during a downturn and the financial stresses that come with it.

It now joins much of the world in succumbing to a pandemic-induced downturn.

While two-thirds of those funds come from property taxes, which are relatively stable from year to year, the rest—which largely hails from sales taxes and fees—is just as affected by an economic downturn as the state revenue.

The downturn does appear to be slowing, however, with sales dropping just 4% in July—the lowest monthly decline yet.

The two-track economic recovery is undermining Beijing’s efforts to revive growth even as China emerges from the virus-driven downturn faster than other major economies.

Most migrant workers will not be and are therefore ineligible for benefits, even though they are more likely to face layoffs amid the economic downturn.

That’s lower than the 48% of agency employees who were looking for a new job back in November, indicating a slight dampening of mobility thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn.

After seeing video ad dollars on Facebook rebound since April, some publishers have observed a downturn in July, coinciding with hundreds of advertisers boycotting the social network.

We have met and reversed the first significant downturn in economic activity since the war.