Sinking [adjective]

Definition of Sinking:

settling in

Synonyms of Sinking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinking:


Sentence/Example of Sinking:

I will cause the axe in the act of sinking to do away his sin.

"I was in a hurry to get back to camp," grinned Chip, sinking into a chair.

Sinking my voice to a whisper, I said: "Tell me what you have seen in my eyes, Rima?"

From the outer edges of this mass men were sinking to the ground.

When there is a Point behind the sinking Mark, it denotes, that the Heel must be bent downwards.

She was just sinking to sleep, when she thought she heard the faint sound of a bell.

When there is a Point at the end of the sinking Mark, it shews, that the Toe must be bent downwards.

Oh, precious words, sinking right into the torn, troubled heart.

"Don't you say it, if you do think it," said her aunt, sinking into a chair and rocking vigorously.

Then, sinking before him in a deep courtesy, "I am beholden to you," she said.