Cropper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cropper:

It was a beastly cropper—this wedding mess—and I've gone to pieces over it, for I did love Rosamond awfully.

Crikey, you should 'a seen 'im come a cropper on his nut down them new steps.

She began to wonder very much what was the matter with Rupert, and guessed that he had "come an awful cropper" of some kind.

My colloquial Japanese comes a cropper now and then—but I get what I want, which is the main thing.

This view illustrates a double cropper in which both the spirals are controlled by one belt.

I always said 274 you ought to have stopped at home; girls like you generally do come the worst cropper.

Then came a telephone call for me; Reason came a nasty cropper under Instinct's sudden leap.

This one was not much of a dancer and in a moment my partner and I came a cropper almost on top of them.

Beastly shame, he had said, in parting, that I could only see the Giants when they were coming a cropper.

I called the other day on Mrs. Fullarton, and there saw your friend Sally Cropper.