Defeat [noun]

Definition of Defeat:

overthrow, beating

Opposite/Antonyms of Defeat:

Sentence/Example of Defeat:

His defeat six months later was virtually assured in that moment.

It’s a trade opponents are willing to make, because treating Hill like any other receiver, even any other very good receiver, is inviting defeat.

They’ll win the Pac-12 North with defeats of California and Washington the next two weeks, and probably go to the Fiesta Bowl if they win the league.

Philadelphia responded to that defeat by firing Coach Brett Brown and replacing him with Doc Rivers, who was let go by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Many classified the incident as a catastrophic defeat for the government, but the analysis from the Mexico Violence Resource Project suggests a more nuanced interpretation of the impact of those events.

He saw Gen. Braddock as he passed on to his defeat, and could give a succinct account of that sanguinary action.

The friars were exceedingly wroth, and combined to defeat the Generalʼs efforts to come to an understanding with the rebels.

He will tell you about the success he had in America; it quite makes up for the defeat of the British army in the Revolution.

But after the defeat at Leipzig King Joachim asked and obtained leave to return to his own dominions.

But she had experienced an hour of mixed emotions in which a confused and wondering sense of defeat was paramount.