Conquest [noun]

Definition of Conquest:

defeat, victory

Synonyms of Conquest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conquest:

Sentence/Example of Conquest:

When Cortez made conquest of Mexico in 1519 smoking seemed to be a common as well as an ancient custom among the natives.

They threw down their weapons with sullen obedience and the first great step towards the re-conquest of India was taken.

Ferdinand de Soto sailed from Havana with ten ships for the conquest of Florida.

Bonaparte with an immense armament sailed from Toulon for the conquest of Egypt.

Before leaving for France the Emperor had drawn up a cut and dried plan for the systematic conquest of the whole Peninsula.

Meanwhile he wrote an impassioned letter to Napoleon urging him to seek no more wars of conquest.

We flocked round the duke, and hailed his first conquest as a promise of perpetual success.

From this time onwards Aragon became the base from which was organised the conquest of Catalonia and Valencia.

Suchet's conquest of Aragon, Catalonia, and Valencia was marked by a succession of brilliant sieges.

He was starting to make his conquest backed by one twenty, three fives, four twos, and ninety cents in silver.