Appropriation [noun]

Definition of Appropriation:

allocation, setting aside

Synonyms of Appropriation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appropriation:

Sentence/Example of Appropriation:

Debate over Fed’s powers prove stumbling block to stimulus talksAides close to the negotiations said a short-term bill to extend government funding was unlikely to be approved on Friday, meaning government appropriations would lapse Saturday morning.

It’s closer to tourist cuisine — discovered on trips to the United States and often served to American travelers, or Americans living here — but served with a certain amount of nostalgia and admiration, rather than appropriation.

For these schools, the conversation around Native mascots is about authentic representation rather than appropriation.

Creating multi-year appropriations that provide funding for more than just a single fiscal year could help those programs survive changes in government.

The appropriation was the result of a lawsuit that claimed discriminatory state funding in decades past.

And this act of appropriation, as well as of bearing testimony, he afterwards repeated.

The owner of the corn and hogs made strenuous objections to this appropriation of his property.

When they hear of trouble on the Mountain the selectmen look the other way, and pass an appropriation to beautify the town pump.

The reply was: An annual appropriation so long as the military organization was maintained at the University.

The specific appropriation of some distinctive oath raised the presumption that it implied an unequivocal pledge of sincerity.