Vote [noun]

Definition of Vote:

decision or right to decide representation

Synonyms of Vote:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vote:


Sentence/Example of Vote:

A vote was taken on the question of exile, and the black pebbles predominated.

The ministry escaped censure when the vote was taken by a bare majority.

Members that never attended were drummed up to vote against the bill.

It came to a vote, and it was stricken out, two to one in the vote.

It should have come when the right to vote was granted to women in the Church.

My vote, interest, and influence, have consequently been all in his favour.

I never give my vote without my interest, nor my interest without my vote.

And pray, had I the honour of your vote in the last election!

I am not wanted at any public office, or to give any vote anywhere else.

In the meantime I vote that we do not trouble ourselves about him.