Recording [noun]

Definition of Recording:

the act of one that records

Synonyms of Recording:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recording:


Sentence/Example of Recording:

He travels with his eyes open, looking for objects of interest, and recording them.

Without her influence no process of recording events can develop into a history.

History has a cavalier way of recording the benefits of conquest.

The recording of that contact was preserved for all Earth to hear.

Most of the instruments of transmission are here, but there are no recording instruments.

A simple method of recording the daily expenses of the family.

How precise the scoundrel is in recording this loan as 'after supper at Dubos'!'

A recording trumpet was placed near each, into which they spoke.

Inside the arch is a memorial hall for recording the achievements of women.

The glass needle is like the recording needle of a phonograph.