Recounting [verb]

Definition of Recounting:

tell a story

Synonyms of Recounting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recounting:

Sentence/Example of Recounting:

At the time Crane had played an honest part in recounting it to the girl.

He paraded the streets, recounting his story to all who would listen to him.

The rest of the evening was spent in recounting their adventures.

Philip had told her nothing of it in recounting his adventures.

He made them eighty-one at first; and then, recounting, made them seventy-nine.

We are weary of recounting these atrocities, as others must be of reading them.

For Mrs. Ladybug was recounting her adventures at the farmhouse.

But the aim of the book is not confined to recounting the ancestry of Israel.

When I asked him of what he had been guilty, he began by recounting his war work.

He whispered to the dog for a long while, recounting his troubles.