Enumerate [verb]

Definition of Enumerate:

list, count

Synonyms of Enumerate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enumerate:

Sentence/Example of Enumerate:

“Word gets out quickly,” said Larry Cartwright, who compiles the District’s annual Christmas bird count, when birders from all over identify and enumerate as many birds as they can see.

By the time he enumerated his problems in 1900, mathematicians had a vast array of tricks to reduce polynomials, but they still couldn’t make progress.

Accordingly, they need to enumerate the key variables or considerations that determine rankings but not the algorithms themselves.

Tate Ryan-Mosley enumerates a host of others, and notes that most of them are, at least in theory, within our control.

The two passages enumerate the scales in a slightly different manner.

It would be difficult to enumerate the many thoughts suggested by these words; each person has his own idea of wasting time.

Time would fail us to enumerate the various objects and acts of typical service which were all fulfilled in Him.

Because he knows how to enumerate; which indeed he knows if he know the number, and this he can know only if the number exist.

On many accounts your station is critical; I shall enumerate only a few.

Besides, when they count but a single substance, they do not enumerate the beings themselves, but they seek their principles.