Recount [verb]

Definition of Recount:

tell a story

Synonyms of Recount:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recount:

Sentence/Example of Recount:

He then went on to recount her labors and sacrifices in behalf of her race.

That settled, she had nothing to do but to recount her horrors over again.

Pierre, however, at once proceeded to recount the other apparitions.

How you're always sure to call, And recount your reformation with the biggest speech of all?

Occasionally she came to me to recount her triumphs and make me jealous.

Of all the Suevians, the Semnones recount themselves to be the most ancient and most noble.

Aboard the transport he did not recount his adventures on the battlefields of Italy.

Moreover, who could recount his other common or extraordinary labors?

But I must hasten on—I cannot delay to recount our successes in detail.

I will but recount one incident, and that a personal one, of the period.