Quote [verb]

Definition of Quote:

repeat something spoken, written by another

Synonyms of Quote:

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Sentence/Example of Quote:

And he's likely to talk the most execrable slang, or to quote Browning.

There are other similar passages which I need not now quote.

Alfred, at your time of life, are you beginning to quote Gussie?

If you quote the first one, I'll quote the second, and then we shan't clash.

We quote for the sake of one line chiefly, but the whole stanza is pertinent.

I will, therefore, quote only one final and most instructive case.

Jan had tried it, and, again to quote Tony, "it just happened."

But we quote the dream to show that Khalid should not have followed the setting sun.

From this I quote the following, which is by no means the most erring and most poisonous of their shafts.

Not one of them who would not quote with approval the parable of the Wedding Guest.