Recollect [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Recollect:

We should recollect also that the season of peace is best adapted to these preparations.

Do you not recollect that only two months ago you scolded me, and ridiculed my plans?

But if you recollect, dear mother, the very next day I confessed the truth to you.

Our whole passage was stormy, and lasted seventy days, as near as I can recollect.

Damme, why did not you come to dine with us that day, now I recollect it?

But it was all so confused, I can recollect only some parts of it.

I recollect—he has spoken to me of the Mortons, but vaguely—I forget what.

Come, Caroline, recollect all the benefit must not lie on one side.

For some moments he had been listening intently, trying to recollect something.

She felt a great longing that Father Antoine should recollect her.