Remind [verb]

Definition of Remind:

awaken memories of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Remind:

Sentence/Example of Remind:

Your eye searches for whatever may remind you of the living world.

What was there in this cross girl to remind any one in his senses of Mrs. Evan Roberts?

When she spoke there was little to remind me of her momentary loss of self-command.

Some one ventured to remind him of his dream, but his laugh was ready.

Remind me of the people who live about the foothills of the Balkans.

Somehow or other, it is one of the scenes that remind us most forcibly of the loss of youth!

"And hereafter it will remind me of you," said Maltravers, in whispered accents.

The principal pleasure of your life is to remind your family of their misfortunes.

Shall I remind you that I am not, and that I never was, anything but the friend whom you agreed to trust?

I have always kept it by me, to remind me: though I wanted no reminding.