Parrot [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Parrot:

But I cal'late there was a parrot and monkey time among the help from then on.

This feller's got what ailed the parrot—he talks too darn much.

Polly was prattling like a parrot, but Glory was silent and almost sad.

In one of them there stood a golden cage, and in it was a Parrot.

She was sorry to part with her parrot, but after all it was only a bird.

My friend Ethel has a parrot that her father brought from South America.

She did not answer, and after waiting a moment the parrot said, "What?"

My grandma is visiting us this summer, and she has her parrot with her.

A parrot would have added that I had given him no right to be jealous.

I walked through the inn to the garden, and looked at the parrot.