Reiterate [verb]

Definition of Reiterate:

say or do again

Synonyms of Reiterate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reiterate:

Sentence/Example of Reiterate:

Again we reiterate, only the bold brush could have pleased them.

Whatever you choose to call it, I reiterate you can expect good results.

Daily they reiterate it, demonstrating it by arguments taken from all the sciences.

All he could do was to reiterate feebly: "It beats me—hanged if it don't!"

The commodore again went on board to reiterate his proposition.

I said 'my friend,' and I reiterate, in no platform sense of that term.

"I can only reiterate my sister's words, which demand no elucidation," replied Cornelia.

His last word was to reiterate his order to push for Vladivostock.

I desire to reiterate that the olian Company was advised by able counsel that there was some doubt about this proposition.

I trust with all my soul, that I may never have to reiterate its sentiments.