Shooting [noun]

Definition of Shooting:

firing a weapon

Synonyms of Shooting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shooting:


Sentence/Example of Shooting:

He was by no means what is termed a sportsman, yet he was somewhat fond of shooting.

I had rain-pains in my back, and my wife said her corns were shooting.

On the evening of the shooting at Schwitter's, there had been a late operation at the hospital.

The men were determined, the officers cheery, the shooting accurate.

That was Simba's name for the light rifle that did most of the shooting.

What do people mostly do when there's shooting going on, and they've got a gun?

Their notion of war was midnight skulking and shooting from behind safe cover.

I told them of the shooting and capture of Paris and the death of Eisenlord.

The reply came: "No shooting allowed in Park; use the hose."

You can't hang a man, Mr. Stanley, for shooting up a frying-pan.