Fixing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fixing:

The comparison reminded me of Georges Bataille’s idea that animals exist in the world like water in water, whereas humans are always trying to lift themselves out of life’s flux by objectifying, or fixing, the things that they are not.

The kitchen is simple and all outdoors, with a cooler, propane grill, battery-operated margarita maker, and s’mores fixings.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration had issued four separate safety alerts for recalled salad fixings this month.

Those included fixings to level up our meals, like some mac and cheese with green chile and bacon.

Jos lifted himself on his elbow, and fixing his shining eyes on Ramona, said in Spanish, "My mother asks if you are travellers?"

They combine the fixing with the staining process, and stain differentially every normal and abnormal structure in the blood.

Fixing bayonets and leaving the sergeant dead in the doorway, they charged again into the mass of the enemy.

In a city lot courses and distances play a larger part in fixing the boundaries, and are more carefully defined.

Lastly, in fixing the loss the distinction between open and valued policies must be explained.

Experience has led the parties to make stipulations defining and fixing their liability.