Listing [verb]

Definition of Listing:

keep a record; tabulate

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Sentence/Example of Listing:

On December 8, Apple's App Store started requiring all apps to show privacy "nutrition labels" in their app store listing, where developers self-report what data an app uses for tracking and how that data is linked to a user.

Similarly, if you know specifics, you can set up a Google alert for any new listings that match your description.

It seems like Google is now hiding the full address of some local business listings in the local pack, said Jason Brown, a local SEO.

In December, Nasdaq proposed new listing rules that would require all companies to disclose the diversity of their board and require most of them to have at least two diverse directors or explain why they don’t.

The public listing is expected to take place in late 2021 when Astra combines with Seattle-area investment company Holicity.

If the price of a product advertised in a Shopping ad or free product listing is different from the price shown in a customer’s shopping cart, that could create a negative experience for the customer and could result in the loss of a sale.

Google will show if the site is secure, if Wikipedia has information on that site and if the search listing is paid for or not.

The third element of a traditional search listing is your page URL.

Peer-to-peer dress rental startup Curtsy lets you rent out your wardrobeOn Curtsy, the listing process is far more streamlined.

The listing came weeks after the company pulled back its initial IPO plans amid uncertainty over how to price the sale.