Chronicle [noun]

Definition of Chronicle:

account, narrative

Synonyms of Chronicle:

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Sentence/Example of Chronicle:

Without the use of these actions most of the advances we are about to chronicle would not have been effected.

It becomes the duty of the historian of the Portsmouth Road to chronicle these things, but here duty and inclination part company.

Under that first stone there were deposited a number of coins, two scrolls, and one newspaper—the Preston Chronicle.

The succeeding pages of this book contain the chronicle of the nine delightful months that followed my departure from America.

As Mr. Harwood is to appear frequently in this chronicle, it may be well to summarize briefly the facts of his history.

How the hopes of an insurrection failed in Italy, the fourth of my letters in the "Monthly Chronicle" will tell you.

So the art of every period appears as “the mirror and abstract chronicle” of its age.

But I'm a woman of my word and this chronicle is faithful and true.

The Chronicle declined after 1821, owing to a change in the proprietorship.

According to the old chronicle writers, the earthquake of 1630 was more disastrous.