Recital [noun]

Definition of Recital:

narrative, rendering

Synonyms of Recital:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recital:


Sentence/Example of Recital:

Is it possible that in so short a time—if the recital be not too painful, pray explain.

"Certainly," I replied, deeply sighing at the recital of so lame a story.

At the conclusion of this recital he called to the Leopard Woman.

The feeling with which I had listened to this recital had become intolerable.

So my rascals ever did with me, though in good truth I seldom listened to their recital.

Every now and then she gave a recital, and it was always crowded.

He recollected that Ingram was implicated in the recital and could not be kept out.

They were all good things, and he couldn't help seeing that the recital pleased her.

At length the recital reached the point of the interview in Fosdick's office.

"Now take that recital of yours," Bobby pursued meditatively.