Recapitulation [noun]

Definition of Recapitulation:

summary that repeats

Synonyms of Recapitulation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recapitulation:


Sentence/Example of Recapitulation:

The revelation of another life is a recapitulation of the argument in a figure.

It was interesting, but I should have preferred to edit the recapitulation.

Haeckel was not the original discoverer of the law of recapitulation.

But wherefore this recapitulation of everything I know so well already?

This succinct exposé may be useful as a recapitulation of the argument.

Recapitulation of the circumstances which gave birth to, 341.

Her voice broke into a wail with the recapitulation of her woes.

And in the recapitulation in the end, it is said by way of recital of the contents, ver.

This recapitulation theory, like all others, has since been carried to an extreme.

Spare me, Marion, the recapitulation of all that passed: it is too humbling, too dreadful.