Repetition [noun]

Definition of Repetition:

duplication; doing again

Opposite/Antonyms of Repetition:

Sentence/Example of Repetition:

We hear them read far too often and far too badly, and all repetition is anti-spiritual.

This repetition was in a loud voice, so that any juryman dull of hearing might catch it.

Magua shook his head, forbidding the repetition of offers he so much despised.

At every repetition of the word he pressed his grandson closer to his breast.

There was no repetition of the telepathic means of communication.

And you dread and shrink from the idea of a repetition of this business?

But Bunyan had given us all that he had to tell about the journey, and we do not need a repetition of it.

All repetition is blamable.thought in two pictures is wasted life.

The repetition of the words struck a chill to the heart of Artois.

You intimate the future will be but a repetition of the past.