Renewal [noun]

Definition of Renewal:


Synonyms of Renewal:

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Sentence/Example of Renewal:

My fellow Americans, you, too, must play your part in our renewal.

Nat was waiting in the doorway for a renewal of hostilities, if any such there were to be.

You should go, see Von Brent, and get a renewal of the option.

We derive the renewal of our blood and juices, which are constantly exhausting, from the substances converted into food.

Emily's next question, naturally, concerned the renewal of that mortgage.

Mrs. Barnes said shortly that she guessed the renewal would be all right.

I am very glad the renewal of the mortgage is to be all right, but I think he should do more than that.

The question of the renewal of the mortgage she felt must remain a question no longer.

It is not three months since the sleep-time, and its renewal was unlooked for.

It is difficult to obtain vigorous canes on the renewal spurs.