Regeneration [noun]

Definition of Regeneration:


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Sentence/Example of Regeneration:

Thus I was placed in the crucible for further refinement and regeneration.

And of all means to regeneration Remorse is surely the most wasteful.

You've only been thinking of yourself; your regeneration; your past, your present, your future.

Two months had gone in; two months of slow recuperation, regeneration for Garrison.

These latter are, by far, the worst enemies to the Regeneration of Sex.

It has produced a regeneration, penetrating and quickening the whole.

To-night we shall have a glorious carnival at Szolnok, in honor of my regeneration.

Furthermore, I thank God that my regeneration has not taken away my sense of humor.

Logic is the means by which the regeneration of mankind is to be effected.

The experience has been the regeneration of very many of them physically.