Reclamation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reclamation:

Then it was that the reclamation of Joe Hollends was determined on.

She had her plan for Roger's reclamation, and was already in love with it.

The Reclamation Service is an experiment, a magnificent one.

What was it, say the year before the Reclamation Service went in there?

Where the means for reclamation fail then separation from society is advocated.

And South America is even worse, in spite of all the reclamation projects.

At the end he says that Morris' reclamation was not out of any good will to him.

It is a splendid undertaking, this reclamation of waste land.

In the first place, reclamation may mean two distinct things.

To reduce a hawk while in process of reclamation is no more than you will be obliged to do.