Reproduction [noun]

Definition of Reproduction:

something duplicated; duplication

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproduction:

Sentence/Example of Reproduction:

But the reproduction is of brief duration; and it is speedily effaced or transformed.

A reproduction of a work of art, by the artist that made the original.

This mode of reproduction is common to the great majority of plants.

But is this really a fair statement of the reproduction process?

In fact, the reproduction is as exact as possible in every detail.

The room was a reproduction of her own bedroom at home, only newer and more luxurious.

No words, no reproduction, can hope to express the qualities of such a painting.

Reproduction of the official badge super-imposed in green and gold.

It has been honoured by reproduction in facsimile in modern times.

At the town of Gilgit we have a reproduction in little of the valley of Srinagar.