Pic [noun]

Definition of Pic:

a still picture taken with a camera

Synonyms of Pic:

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Sentence/Example of Pic:

This bird is described, in natural history, as a genus of the order of Pic.

I found my pic and saw that it was linked to Van's, Jolu's, and Darryl's.

By jove, Pic, you've got a wonder in that filly, but she'll not beat my fellow.

One can mount to a summer-house or to the summit of the Pic de Ger.

The natives around the Pic Eleia also speak much the same language.

Pic forthwith ran through a litany of all the admirable things he believed.

How Burton would have laughed at the whole concern; yet never did I enjoy a pic nic so much.

In skirting the base of the Pic du Glacier we found 183 a nice hollow in the snow, which looked a good place to sleep in.

Oils do, and three square inches of flashy, tricky stuff in the corner of a pic sometimes carry a bad thing off,—as I know.

So I whipt up the mule I rid, the passun chirrupt and chuct to make his crittur gallop, but the animal didn't mind him a pic.