Snap [noun]

Definition of Snap:

easy thing to accomplish

Synonyms of Snap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snap:

Sentence/Example of Snap:

It broke with a snap and there was not a thing she could do.

If he was to be believed, he used to snap you regular at point.'

She only holds him by a thread; and if you draw it too tight (I know his temper) it'll snap.

"Then you will not speak," she said, opening her parasol with a snap.

With them it was snap and slash and get away, snap and slash and get away.

It closed with a snap behind him, cutting off the pursuing howls of rage.

He could not quite suppress a snarl, but he made no offer to snap.

Then he fought, his teeth flashing in a snap that sank them into the hand.

Weedon Scott had believed that he was quick enough to avoid any snap or slash.

Unless you tell me that I mind a snap of my fingers where the Duke of Strelsau is.