Cinch [noun]

Definition of Cinch:

easy accomplishment

Synonyms of Cinch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cinch:


Sentence/Example of Cinch:

So it’s not that establishing a Cabinet-level post has not been brought up before, or is even a cinch to set up.

These cookie stamps took a little getting used to, but once I figured out the sturdy and rather satisfying thwack needed to pop the cookies out, it was a cinch.

Acquiring them is a cinch as they are locked behind rudimentary puzzles.

This pad has plenty of room for us all, retains 100 percent of its air through the night, and is a cinch to set up with its capable pump.

Fix that issue, and add a nose wire and some adjustable cinches to the ear loops, and it’d be even better.

We'll be watched every minute of the time that we prowl around those painted rocks; that's a cinch.

You've done a big thing to-day, and if you hadn't had more pluck and ginger than common, it's a cinch you'd have lost out.

He sleeps at night with his nose against th' shingled roof iv his little frame home an' dhreams iv cinch bugs.

We'll cinch that 'strike' of dad's, and Hawley'll be so badly beaten he'll never know what struck him.

We thought sure we had a cinch on the coin several hours ago!