Carbon [noun]

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What are a few paltry, lumps of crystallised carbon compared to a galaxy of a million million suns?

The carbon dioxid evolved distends the stomach, and its outline can easily be determined by percussion.

Carbon is the largest constituent of plants, and forms, in round numbers, about 50 per cent of their weight when dry.

The particular phenomena of vegetation also afford abundant evidence that humus cannot be the only source of carbon.

The composition of animal caseine differs from this principally in the amount of carbon.

The older workman reassured them; the carbon was much heavier than oxygen, and even thicker than hydrogen.

First a thin film of black carbon is produced round the metal, then the latter appears in the form of a filigree of silver.

The carbon plates should be connected together and then connected to a binding post which forms the positive terminal of the cell.

If unable to obtain pieces of carbon of the required dimensions, a number of ordinary electric-light carbons may be used.

The two pieces of carbon, which are used for the hand pieces, are connected with silk-insulated wire.