Record [noun]

Definition of Record:

account of event or proceedings

Opposite/Antonyms of Record:


Sentence/Example of Record:

The History of Man is the record of a hungry creature in search of food.

This is a record and result that no careful student of our history will, I take it, deny.

So far, the story of ancient man has been the record of a wonderful achievement.

It is a record of singular variety and singular distinction.

Mr. Gladstone, as he gleefully remarked the other day, has broken the record.

She says that her record of five years in your employ ought to count something in her favor.

You ain't got nothing in that record about my jumping into the river after her?

As it was not required that tears be recorded on the record, Carlotta paid no attention to this.

Suffice it to record the fact that these relics are admittedly pre-Christian.

They did not speak beyond their greeting, until he had gone over the record.