Inscription [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inscription:

The inscriptions on the keys are laser-etched, so they won’t fade, and the aluminum design ensures longevity.

The top of the box has a flora-and-bird motif with the inspirational inscription, “We are talking about a story of love.”

Every monumental inscription should be in Latin; for that being a dead language, it will always live.

A stop-knob bearing the inscription, "Noli me tangere" (touch me not), was attached to the console.

Inscription copied, Nov. 21, 1833, from a tombstone to a fisherman in Bathford churchyard.

The door was white, with mouldings of gold, and the inscription above it was in golden characters.

The inscription of the Rupuath Rock has the words: "Two hundred and fifty years have elapsed since the departure of the teacher."

Her inscription informs the reader that "she was a virgin of virtuous courage and very promising hopes."

On the first page was written in ink, in an elegant hand, an inscription on the part of the giver.

The new smack was flying a flag at her masthead, but Jim could not read well enough to make out the inscription on the flag.