Dedication [noun]

Definition of Dedication:

faithfulness, loyalty

Synonyms of Dedication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dedication:

Sentence/Example of Dedication:

Mindset reminded me that while certain things come easier, I can accomplish and learn anything with hard work and dedication.

I was struck by how analogous dedication and drive in the athletic world is to the business world.

Luck started when that player was seven or eight years old and began playing football several times a week, and it accumulated over a decade of practice and intense dedication before the person had a chance to play with the best.

Others, like playing the violin, learning a second language, composing a novel, even writing an article for Nautilus, require effort and dedication.

Anurag is an example how youth of India are breaking the stereotype associated with menstrual hygiene by touching lives of those who need awareness and education by honesty, dedication and a will do bring a positive change.

In more than one passage of the prayer of Solomon, at the dedication of the temple, it denotes to Covenant.

This dedication is very precious, as indicating your regard for me, and on my part I reciprocate your feeling.

The present arms of the see evidently have reference to the dedication of the ancient cathedral church to St. Peter.

The encenia, or dedication of the incomparable theatre at Oxford, endowed and founded 1664, by archbishop Selden.

He assured her that if the Chamberlain was obstinate, he should publish it with a dedication to her Grace.