Documentation [noun]

Definition of Documentation:

written remarks

Synonyms of Documentation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Documentation:


Sentence/Example of Documentation:

Google has added new search developer documentation for the home activities structured data.

The term “significant” is mostly undefined in the documentation, although there are some guidelines.

The project documentation, however, does not specify how individuals will be compensated.

Shapery has long maintained that he provided all the documentation in his possession about the building’s true condition.

When the tools do show issues, you can click on them, it will not only describe the issue and give you help documentation on how to fix those issues.

Complete documentation should be provided, including listings, step-by-step user instructions, and some fully worked out examples.

So I think it would be normal that they would provide him with documentation.

Extensive documentation, including a reexport license, is required for clearance by the Turkish Customs Administration.

Detailed documentation is required by Iranian customs authorities for goods in transit.

Unfortunately, documentation of the case is almost wholly one sided, since his biggest publicizer was Mushet himself.